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Windows 11/10 system tray application that displays the current week number. Veckonummer visas i taskbar.



Windows 11/10 system tray area application that displays the current week number

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Always see the current week number in the system tray area in Windows taskbar and lookup the week number for any other date via double-click on the application icon.

Options to start with Windows, customize icon colors, language, notifications, automatic updates, calendar rules and more. For details see Help section below.

Supported Languages

If you want to contribute with another language, please create an Issue on Github and I’ll contact you!


System tray area icon with default colors

Taskbar icon

Context menu - accessible via right-click on icon

Context menu

Find out week number for any date

Weeknumber form

Settings menu with language selection

Settings menu

System tray area icon with customized colors

Custom colors #1 Custom colors #2 Custom colors #3

Icon color picker, possible to define and use custom colors; both icon text and background can be customized

Color picker

More context menu options

Settings Language


Download installer and run to install with option to start the application when the installer finishes. If you downloaded via Download latest release first unzip the archive, then run the installer. To remove the application run the uninstaller or use Windows Add or remove programs feature or via the Control Panels Programs And Features section.

Installation notes

Choose to keep the file downloaded if prompted - it will look similar to this (depends on your web browser and settings)

Keep file if prompted #1

Keep file if prompted #2

Use below actions to allow the installer to run on your PC when Microsoft SmartScreen is active:



Distributed / Silent install / uninstall options

To silently install call the installer with /S parameter.

WeekNumber_{VERSION}_Installer.exe /S

To silently uninstall call the uninstaller with /S parameter.

Uninstall WeekNumber.exe /S

Help section

All application features are accessible via right-click on the application icon residing in the system tray area in Windows taskbar. If the application icon is not visible then press the ^ symbol on the system tray area, click and hold on the application icon and then drag it to the visible system tray area to pin it there.

Context menu options:


- WeekNumber is completely free and open source. Donations are very much appreciated!

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